Of the roughly 28 million things that go into planning a wedding few of them will be as fun as picking out your wedding band. Whether you’re looking for some hard rock or some slow jazz, there are countless options out there. But with all these options it can be tough to distinguish the good from the bad, lucky for you  we have all the tips to ensure you find the best wedding bands that keep the dance floor packed.

The Do’s

  • Start the Search Early- Especially if you are looking to book in peak wedding season, bands can be booked out as far as a year in advance. Be sure to jump on it right at the beginning of your wedding planning.
  • Ask for Help-  While no one will know what you want better than you, make sure you ask friends and colleagues for any recommendations.
  • Questions, Questions, Questions- When you do sit down with a prospective band make sure you feel comfortable with them. The only way for this to happen is to ask them questions.
  • Work Out a Contract- In order to eliminate all ambiguity it’s important to write out a clear contract dictating the exact pay and the exact job. This is even more important if you book a band further in advance.
  • Choose Your Own Songs- While this may seem obvious to most, you would be surprised how many couples just assume bands will play the exact songs they want. Be sure to have a set list of the songs you want, and if you want to be nice- allow the band to play a few of their own liking.

The Dont’s

  • Offend Others- I know what you’re thinking, duh. But a few errant curse words or some unseemly dancing can quickly become the one thing your guests remember from your wedding.
  • Play one type of music- If 1930’s jazz is all you and your partner ever listen to, rest assured your guests probably won’t share that love. Of course play what you want, but a little bit of variety never hurt anybody.
  • Expect All to be fine- It can be easy once the contract is set up to not keep in touch with the musicians or the venue. Ongoing communication is key, especially with your venue, from sound checks to equipment problems– things always come up.
  • Fret too much- While we may have overwhelmed you with this piece, remember with a little bit of research and asking around, finding a perfect wedding band can be easier than you ever thought possible.